Competition FAQs

Competition FAQs


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Your group will have 10 minutes, start to finish. Remember to leave time for brief applause between songs. Timekeeping begins and ends when a performance begins or ends. If a choreographed or sung entry or exit is part of the set, time begins the moment the first person enters or exits. Otherwise, time begins with the first note sung or pitch blown, whichever comes first, and time ends when the last note is sung. You will not receive warnings for you time limit, rehearse and plan accordingly. If your group goes over the time limit by any amount, 5 points will be deducted from your total (out of 75 possible points).
Group performance order will be announced upon your arrival – March 27, 2015.
Groups must arrive at 4pm March 27, 2015 for check-in. Then, we will be able to move into the concert hall as it becomes available for the evening after the last class ends.

We encourage groups to arrive on-time, and NOT early. Parking information is available on our site, from the homepage.

Richmond Rhythm attracts 8-9 a cappella groups each year, making for a total of $2,400 - $2,700 group fees.

These fees go directly to pay for a portion of the event expenses, mostly the lighting and sound setup, which costs about $2,100 out of the total $4,500 it takes to run the event.

Your group will be judged on criteria such as pitch, intonation, balance, tone, blend, level of difficulty of arrangements and showmanship/presence (not including choreography). Best Soloist will be determined by the panel of judges.

We encourage groups to look at the judging rubric ahead of time, found under the “Compete” section of our website.

For audience favorite, we will use a text-to-vote polling service called Poll Everywhere, for more information please visit the site: Note that we will not be using the Twitter integration for voting, only the SMS text-to-vote functionality so that all votes remain private.

Our sound rentals come from Backstage, one of the premiere vendors for the Central Virginia area for 35 years.

The setup for 2015 will be slightly different from prior years. This year we are investing in wireless microphones for each group member, controlled by our veteran technician Sean McLean, on a Behringer X32 Digital Mixer. What remains the same are the acoustic shells across the back of the stage redirecting all sound to the audience.

We encourage all groups to be familiar with proper microphone holding technique. Please watch this short tutorial here: (skip to 1:00-1:30 for the highlight).

Our lighting rentals come from Lite Tek, a partner with Richmond Rhythm since 2011, and a vendor to the Greater Richmond area since 2000. For 2015, we’ll have 6ft towers spaced across the stage with effect beam movers on top. Paired with that will be a sextet of LED movers and LED PARs to fill out the stage lighting.


To view digital renderings of this years' lighting setup, see our gallery here.

SEIZURE WARNING: while only a narrow range of lighting styles can stimulate a seizure disorder (all of which are off-limits at this event), lighting effects including strobes will be in use during Richmond Rhythm. If you feel that you or someone you know may be affected by this, please ask us for more information using our contact form, and be sure to consult your doctor before attending the show.

Your group may choose to perform with choreography, or not. Groups will not be judged based on this criteria, however groups will be judged specifically based on showmanship and presence.